Mason Nguyen, also known as RZ Mas, is a dynamic young rapper from Hanoi, recognized for his energetic style, distinctive high-tone voice, and impressive delivery. He has created popular tracks like “2 Thằng Bịp”,

“Mai Linh”, and “Shootin’ Star” featuring 24K.Right, which have amassed over 6 million views on YouTube. His song “Rap chậm thôi” (with MCK and Orijin) also gained significant popularity.

In 2022, his collaboration on “Siren” (tlinh, TGSN) generated over 50 million social media hashtags and has 17 million views on YouTube.

Starting in 2024, Def Jam Vietnam will support Mason Nguyen on his musical journey. That same year, he became a top viral sensation on TikTok, joining Def Jam Recordings Vietnam and embarking on a new path in his music career.