Idris Shah, known as Killa Driz, is a singer-songwriter and had been producing for 7 years. He was scouted and signed by Def Jam South East Asia in October 2022. In the same year, he made his debut on 16 Baris Season 3, the most renowned cypher show in South East Asia.

He has independently released several tracks; including ‘Sundress’ with Adiq Haikal, ‘Siapa Tahu’ and ‘Berserah’ with LastKhalif. His song ‘Gadai’ was selected as the soundtrack for an action comedy film titled ‘Marabahaya Underground’. was chosen as the soundtrack for the action comedy film ‘Marabahaya Underground’. He has also collaborated with Malaysian pop sensation Ismail Izzani for ‘Hard2Love’ and ‘Idontknow’.

He’ll be expanding his horizons as a rapper under the label in 2023, with more music releases to come from this rising star. He is expected to release his debut single in the first quarter of 2023 with Def Jam Malaysia.