JMara was a renewed man after serving his 2 year sentence, channelling his love for music as a vehicle towards reform. Immediately after his release in 2020, JMara was introduced to MOROBEATS by his friend through the online rap contest “MOROBEATS ONLINE RAPCON 3: BARA SA BARA 2020” with the hopes of being discovered. JMara‚Äôs entry won 1st place, competing against thousands of entries across the globe. A few months later, JMara was officially listed among the artists under the underground label MOROBEATS Entertainment Productions, under the mentorship of Mohammed Bansil, a.k.a. DJ MEDMESSIAH.

JMara was officially signed into Def Jam Philippines and he then released his single “Mahal Kong Pilipinas” which went viral before the release with more than 3.5M views online.