A Malaysian Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Content Creator, who launched his career with the release of his first single ‘SABAR’ which reached the #1 spot on the RIM Charts and other prominent charts and was nominated in the semi-finals for Muzik Muzik 32. He continued his career with the song “Demi Kita,” which was nominated for a Muzik Muzik 33 Semi Finalist. In 2018, he released the song “Luar Biasa,” which became Malaysia’s most streamed song for two weeks. ‘Luar Biasa’ also became the Samsung S9 Official Campaign Song.

In the same year, he released the song ‘Bidadari,’ which went on to become Malaysia’s most streamed song. He has worked with brands such as Lazada, Puma, AliPay. Mobile Legend, Tao Kei Noi, Lifebuoy and many others. He is also the official Youth Advocate for UNICEF.