Big Calo is of Puerto Rican and German descent and has been living in Thailand for over 13 years. Born in Pennsylvania, raised in Tampa, and honed in Queens, his roots run back to the motherland of hip-hop, but living as an expat in a foreign country has widened his perspective on the world. He represents his diverse upbringing and his unique environment living abroad in his music.

As a member of one of the pioneering Thai hip-hop groups in Asia, Thaitanium, Calo has toured Asia, Europe, and America, performing at sold out shows for the past 22 years. The group has collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg, M.0.P., Zebra, Ak-69, and many more. In addition to his work with Thaitanium, Big Calo has also released several solo projects and an album titled ‘Vanished’.